How To Give A Life To Your Unused Attic?

Your family is already bigger than the dwelling, or do you just need a little extra space? There is no need to cope with the painful process of moving. If you live in a house, there is a hidden treasure that usually is not used properly – your ceiling. Reconstruct this part of the home and get the space you need, while at the same time you will increase the price of your property. We will guide you through the steps to transform this dark and dusty space into the brightest part of the house.

1. Overestimate the potential of the attic.

In many houses the ceiling is not used.Usually in these single or double-deck houses the ceiling turns into a warehouse for old items. Look at the examples below to find out what is missing to your ceiling. Depending on the size of your ceiling, you can make another bedroom or children’s room, as well as a full dwelling, if the ceiling is large enough.

2. How important is the natural light?

Daylight sources are crucial to succeed in transforming the dark attic into a brighter living area. You can have a window on the vertical wall or small windows on the roof, but they may not provide enough lighting for the attic. The best choice for proper lighting, are roof windows. You can place them on randomly selected roof positions and light up any dark corner.

3. How many roof windows?

It depends on the function and size of the room. The living room requires more and bigger windows than the bathroom. In the kitchen it is also important to have good lighting. Natural light gives you a sense of space and makes the room more comfortable and pleasant. The surface of the windows should be at least 10-20% of the surface of the floor. That means that in a room of 20 square meters there should be a window with a covered surface of at least 2 square meters and if possible, and more.


4. Where to place the roof windows?

If the roof allows, the best lighting can be achieved by placing roof windows on both sides of the ridge. Do not put the windows too high because you will lose the views. Do not forget that the most beautiful sights are high, from the roof. If the ceiling is large, you can place additional windows at a different height.

These are some simple rules that you need to follow, to properly decorate your attic space. We hope that they will serve you to use the most of your unused attic!


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