How to Design an Inviting Space in Your Dining Room that Tells a Story

To have a one-of-a-kind dining room that would provoke intrigue and lead to conversation among guests can be an easy job if you want one, and if you know what you want exactly from the dining space. First of all, it’s very important to craft a unique space that will reflect your true personality and lifestyle, so whether it’s through colors, furnishings, or striking artwork, the room should be your reincarnation. Not to mention that the most important part is for the space to be well designed, and since we are at this subject we found some of the opinions of couple designers that balance between the functional and the creative design when devising these unique dining rooms.

Here are some of their advice!

1. Determine the Function of the Room

Before starting to even design a space it’s out of huge importance to know and understand the function that it will serve. Will this dining room be used for formal dinner parties or casual gatherings? How much seating is required and will the space promote intimate conversations or large group conversations? So many questions, so many answers. So, once you find the answers to these questions, according to Giselle Loor Sugerman of B+G Design, you can start your space planning and officially start to select the materials and pieces.

2. Ensure a Private and Intimate Setting

Marina Mizruh of Chimera Interiors says that it can be challenging in an open-concept home to ensure a private and intimate setting without sacrificing style. Here at this photo, we can notice that we have been used floating screens in a very creative way so they can separate the dining room from the rest of the house.

3. Create a Conversation Starter

If you want to design a dining room that invites and promotes conversation among guests you should consider everything that it’s going to spark that great conversation, for example, unique wallpaper, bold artwork, or custom furnishings. The most important thing is that the uniqueness of the room partly comes from how we handled the faceted ceiling. So consider adding texture, and color to space, or paneling on the ceiling like it’s done on the photography above.

4. Find the Right Lighting

Great lighting brings the room together, and that’s why it is extremely important whether space is going to have dramatic chandeliers, with geometric glass pendants that echo the shape of the room, or it will have a different approach.

5. Mix & Match

To give your space a creative touch and wholesome style you should mix and match lighting, furnishings, or artwork. And guess what? Mismatched furniture makes everything better because it’s less expected and it creates interest especially when the patterns are so different. Here, we can spot the zebra print armchairs that are a contrast to the six neutral dining chairs.

6. Shop Custom Furnishings

When you want to use custom furnishings just make sure that your space is unlike any other. For a dining room to stand out, you need to pick a one-of-a-kind table or unique chairs, like in the photo above, the custom and live-edge wood table that is the focal point of the space. It provides a contrast that unites both their styles and truly makes the piece feel unique to the home.


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