Take a Tour at This Bold Home Filled with Fine Contemporary Art

The following home decor has been completely left in the magical hands of the interior designer Holly A. Kopman. We are thrilled with the final result, so we have decided to share this home filled with contemporary art. To spotlight an artwork without feeling overwhelmed by it takes real knowledge in spaces and having an extra sense when it comes to decorating. One of her clients has reached to Kopman to help her show off an extensive collection of contemporary art that included artists like Anne Weber, Swoon, and Todd Hido. The designer started to carefully select the luxurious wallcoverings and rugs in natural hues, witch led to channeling her curator’s eyes into creating sculpturesque vignettes that mixed some of the client’s art collection with the custom furnishings at her home. The talented designer transformed each corner of the house into an immersive gallery that needs yet to be discovered. Walk with us, please.

1. An Eclectic Entryway

As you lead the steps the size and scale of the client’s art collection is visible right from the entryway. You can see on the staircase wall that there are drawing by Colombian artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Anne Weber, and Barbara Vaughn, both American, and also from the street artist Swoon.

2. Bright Gallery Wall

The brilliant designer has designed the custom console that adorns the entryway from another angle, while the rug is from Tania Johnson Design.

3. Wallpapered Ceiling

Here for the home office, Kopman designed the desk and the hutch. In this neutral-hued space an array of prints really creates type of excitement, all the way from the window shades to the wallpaper that accents the ceiling.

4. Elaborate Fabric

As pointed out, the light fixture hovers over the custom table, and the banquette is covered is also a custom zigzag-print fabric.

Now, we are about to show you the rest of the house transformation, photos including the dining room, living room, bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom


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