How to Choose the Perfect Nightstand & the Most Inspiring White Nightstands

Books, mobile phone, glasses, alarm clock and sometimes the cup of tea. All of these gadgets have the right place to stay in the room and you should know where, right? Right there on the nightstand, right off the side of the bed. This is the furniture that facilitates our daily routine of sleeping and waking up, always ready to give us that helping hand.

The nightstand can also be a great ally of the room decor, combining style and personality with the environment.

But if you’re wondering how to choose yours, that’s why, we’ve brought you a practical and super simple guide to help you use this classic and traditional furniture with mastery, come see:

How to choose the nightstand?


Size is one of the first things to consider when choosing the perfect nightstand. Take a look at the measurements of your room and see if there is really room for furniture, remembering to include a minimum circulation area of ​​60 cm between the nightstand and other bedroom furniture.

In small rooms, the best option is for smaller sized bedside tables. It is also possible to choose models with narrower and elongated format, instead of the wider and shorter ones.

However, it is important that the nightstand is always at the same height as the bed or at least four inches below. Never place the nightstand above the mattress line, as the furniture loses in comfort and practicality and is a potential cause of accidents every time you lift your head.


Convenience and comfort

If not to be practical, comfortable and functional, forget it, the nightstand will probably become a white elephant in your room, just to take up space.So when buying your own, evaluate the measurements and opt for those that are at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep. Smaller than that, dismiss it.

Think about your needs too. Got a lot to store? Or is it just a supporting object anyway? In the first case, it is worth choosing the drawer nightstand models. If the second option is more your profile, then a good choice is the bedside tables without drawers, with only the top and a central open niche.

Break the traditions

The nightstand does not need, nor should it make perfect match with the bed. Choose a nightstand of different material, for example. Another option to escape the traditional use of the nightstand is to rely on unusual objects to make the furniture turn, such as a stack of antique bags, a wooden bench, a chair or even a step ladder.

You can also get away from the classic idea of ​​using two bedside tables in the bedroom, one on each side of the bed. Nowadays it is very common to see projects with only one nightstand, especially in smaller rooms.


The most popular nightstand of all is wood and also more recently MDF. But with the innovations and modern trends of furniture use it has become commonplace to see models of glass or mirrored bedside tables around, for example.

The choice of material for your nightstand will depend mainly on the decor proposal you want to give the room. For a more classic and elegant decor, don’t miss a good wooden nightstand.



The colors of the nightstand may also vary depending on the room’s decorating style. The lighter models, such as the white nightstand, are ideal for more neutral, classic and elegant proposals. Already the colors look great in youthful and relaxed decorations.

The retro-style nightstand looks good on Provencal-style projects, for example. In children’s rooms, including the models Provencal nightstand are a great choice, as they show delicacy and lightness in the environment.

Now, check out the selection of projects where the nightstand is the big star. Get inspired!











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Author: Renata Kralevska

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