How To Choose Hot Tubs?

Although the most striking thing is its aesthetics, it is its interior that interests. These are the main features for you to choose the best one for you. And turn your bathroom into a spa!

What is a hot tub or jacuzzi?

A hydromassage bathtub is a bathtub equipped with nozzles or jets through which water or/and air under pressure come out, providing a pleasant massage. In modern bathrooms, it is a trend. This technique is known as hydrotherapy, which consists of the combination of warm water with the pressure exerted by the jets.

It is a perfect element to reduce stress and fatigue, but it has many more advantages. These depend on the type of therapy the hot tub offers. We explain it to you.

How to choose a hot tub

In addition to the shape, which will be conditioned by the space you have in your bathroom, or the design, certain technical characteristics will help you decide which type of Jacuzzi is best for you since each one has different health benefits.


  • Air system: the air comes out through the nozzles installed at the base of the bathtub, providing a gentle massage. Bubbles are generated evenly throughout the bathtub. Among its benefits, it is the most suitable system to reduce discomfort and fatigue in the legs, feet, and cervical area, as well as to relax the body.
  • Water/air system: a mixture of water and air under pressure comes out through the jets installed on the walls of the bathtub, offering a vigorous massage. Choose this type of hot tub if you need to reduce muscle overload and promote circulation. It is also beneficial for fighting cellulite and preventing sagging.
  • Water/air + air system: this type of hydromassage bathtubs combines the previous two so that it has jets on the base that emit water and jets on the walls that project water and air under pressure. The great advantage of these bathtubs is that they offer the two effects of the previous ones in the same massage, also giving the option of choosing one or the other.

When choosing your bathtub, in addition to the bubble system it offers, also check the position and quantity of the jets, since the more there are, the more complete the massage will be.


There are several types of bathtubs, but your choice will depend on the size and shape of your bathroom, as well as the available space.

  • Rectangular: it is the most common and the one that best adapts to any type of bathroom, even small ones. They can be embedded or freestanding.
  • Quarter circle: for large bathrooms. It offers a very striking effect and is very comfortable to be able to place things on the sides. They are usually embedded in a corner.
  • Asymmetric: for modern and very modern bathrooms. They have an irregular one, so their design is usually free, although if only one of its sides is irregular, it can be embedded.



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