How Basement Waterproofing Protects Your Home And Its Foundation

The basement is a space in your home that’s partially or completely below ground level. Some use the basement as an extra room, while others use their basements as a storage facility. Whatever purpose you have for your basement, it’s still a space within your home, which means it also requires care and maintenance. One way to protect and care for your basement is through waterproofing.

Basement waterproofing requires the use of sealants, drains, and pumps to prevent water from entering your basement. You wouldn’t want your basement to become flooded and cause serious water damage, would you? A flooded basement can be a nightmare to clean up – not only is it messy, it can be quite expensive too! To save you from the hassle of going through such nightmares, basement waterproofing would be a wise investment.

Learn more about how basement waterproofing protects your home and its foundation below:

1.Protects Your Home’s Foundation

Essentially, a basement is a part of your home’s foundation. In building a home, the construction workers dig a large hole in the ground and pour the concrete footings and foundation. This foundation is your basement’s walls, which helps keep your home safe and stable.

Since a large hole was dug to create your home, the area surrounding your basement is composed of the soil that was excavated and then put back in, making the soil more absorbent than the surrounding soil that was left untouched. The water absorbed by the soil when it rains can find its way to your basement wall’s cracks, enter your basement, and create water damage.

Leaving your foundation walls untreated can cause cracks in the wall where water can seep through, leading to the slow deterioration of your foundation. It’s crucial to inspect your basement regularly to see what actions you can take to make it more secure. Basement waterproofing seals the areas where water can enter by installing pipes and pumps that can redirect the water when they come in contact with your foundation, keeping your home and foundation safe.

2.Prevents Mold Growth

Water in your basement means there is moisture, which can be a breeding ground for mold. If you rarely visit or check your basement, the mold may go undetected and spread throughout your home. Mold can also affect your health, especially if you have people in your household who have allergies and asthma.

Basement waterproofing helps remove the sources of moisture and lessens the chances for mold growth in your home. Removing moisture and mold in your basement keeps your family and home safe and healthy, while also protecting your home’s foundation.

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3.Protects your possessions

You might use your basement as a storage space or a spare room. If you haven’t waterproofed your basement, water could get in and damage your property. The slightest signs of water damage in a basement can also make it hard to live in.

Basement waterproofing can help keep your possessions safe, especially if you plan to store things as important as documents in your basement. Paper can be difficult to retrieve once damaged by water, so you should take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening. A waterproof basement can also save you from the expenses that come with repairs for damaged property and flooding.

4.Prevents flooding

Floods are one of the most common disasters in the world. When there is a flood, you can get a flooded basement too if it’s left unprotected. This disaster can not only cause damage to your belongings but to your entire home as well.

Prevent water from penetrating your foundation walls and entering your basement through basement waterproofing. The installation of pipes, drainages, and pumps, can easily divert any water entering through the cracks and prevent flood in your basement.


Water damage is the most common damage in any home as this may be caused by rain, plumbing leaks, moisture, and overflows. Your basement is just as vulnerable to this type of damage as other areas of your home. Thus, basement waterproofing is an important investment to keep not just your basement safe, but your entire home and family as well.

Even the slightest signs of water damage can affect your foundation, belongings, and family’s health if left unattended. So, you need to take care of your basement as you would take care of your entire home and consider basement waterproofing to avoid damages and expenses. There are many options you can choose from when waterproofing your basement. To make the best choice, you can always seek a professional’s advice.


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