House Pescador 14 by Franca AdC in Cancun, Mexico

Project: House Pescador 14
Franca AdC
Cancun, Mexico
2,475 sf
Year: 2020
Photographs by:
César Béjar Studio

House Pescador 14 by Franca AdC

In the heart of Cancun’s residential enclave, House Pescador 14 by Franca AdC is a symphony of design and privacy. The dwelling delicately dances around the surrounding green expanse, maintaining an intimate ambiance. The architectural form is a statement of solidity punctuated by intricately placed voids – a visual play of terraces, balconies, and courtyards. The park’s splendor is drawn into the living spaces through thoughtfully positioned frames. Inside, a soaring double-height area bridges the two levels, melding function with aesthetics. A service corridor adds separation and light, while materials like chukum, wood, and flagstone harmonize the house with its heritage. In this architectural melody, Pescador 14 truly strikes a harmonious chord.

Pescador 14 is a house located in a residential neighborhood in south Cancun, where the land is delimited by adjoining buildings. The ground where this project was developed has a view to a privileged green area we wanted to capture in all areas of the house, without sacrificing the client´s privacy.

The house is conceived as a solid volume perforated in different parts of the scheme, generating movement in the façades, terraces, balconies and courtyards.

The outline opens its view to the park, with a set of frames which allow the connection between interior-exterior through voids and lattices. Inside, a double height was proposed as an articulating element between the two levels, which generates a greater sense of spaciousness, connecting the areas both functionally and visually.

The way to separate the project from the existing border was to provide the house with a service corridor which served also to illuminate and ventilate the east facade.

The materiality of the project had to reflect the traditional methods of the region; therefore, warm tones were proposed in the different materials; natural and pigmented chukum, wood, washed concrete and flagstone which was used in the apparent masonry.

-Franca AdC


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