House 222 by Worc Arquitectos in Matanzas, Chile

Project: House 222
Architects: Worc Arquitectos
Location: Matanzas, Chile
Area: 969 sf
Photographs by: Amanda San Martin

House 222 by Worc Arquitectos

Worc Arquitectos has designed the wonderful House 222 in Matanzas, a stunning beach area near the city of Santiago, Chile. The location is pristine, being a north-facing hill that opens up to breathtaking views of the beach and the cliffs around it. The house itself is a wooden construction with a modern design both on the inside and the outside with a focus on the beautiful views.

This house was designed for a young couple and their 2 children, who wanted to have a beach house near the city of Santiago. The place chosen for this was Matanzas, where they found a piece of land on a hill facing north with a great view of the beach and the massive cliffs of the La Boca de Rapel village.

The task consisted of taking full advantage of the views, shelter from the south winds in the outdoor terrace, and at the same time generate an asymmetric shape that offers privacy from the main access.

For this, three independent areas were designed, all of them converge on to a glazed hall corridor and a central terrace protected from the winds by the volumes that works as an extension of the dining room and kitchen area.

The bedrooms must have ocean view, therefore, we chose to detach the second bedroom diagonally from the main volume and evaluate the appropriate orientation to get the best off the views. Interior were worked with heights of up to 3.40 mt, that reveal the outer shape of the volume and their inner amplitude, to set spaces framed and oriented to the ocean. The main access has a set of vertical shutters that deflects the winds from the entrance, while offering privacy to inner spaces.

Worc Arquitectos


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