Hotel Decor Items Guests Yearn to Bring Home

Can you remember the last time you’ve traveled and been on a vacation falling in love ONLY in one item from your hotel room? Yes, we feel you, the same situation is here. Every time you’ll travel you will want to bring something from the decor from that place in you home. We know the story so well, no matter if it’s the comfy mattress that gave you the best sleep and rest, or the stylish sconce that lit up the bathroom in the most beautiful way. What about some of the wall art you wish you could somehow squeeze into your luggage. It’s okey, we’ve all been there at a point in our lives, or many points, who knows, right?

Here we have some of the most popular and stunning resorts with the one item their guests would want to keep, so here we go.

1. A Functional and Beautiful Glass Bowl (The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami, FL)

The seashell bowls that people are so in love with are from glass and are handmade in Venice, Italy. It’s a combination of contemporary design and color, and shape with glass-blowing techniques from the 13th century.

2. The Pillow That Will Make You Feel Like Your Head is in the Clouds (Chebeague Island Inn)

All of the guests intend to inquire this pillow after they have only spent one night at the resort. Yes, the night’s sleep is totally on another level because of its fluffiness, yet still supportive. The pillow has been filled with an 800-power goose down stuffing and a shell that boasts an impressive 350-thread count. Let’s be more precise, the higher the fill, the lighter the pillow, and the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. So, in other words this pillow is soft as soft gets, literally the clouds are on your shoulders.

3. A Rolling Cart That Puts a Full Bar to Shame (Rosewood Miramar Beach, Montecito, CA)

Imagine you walk in on this sleek 3-shelf brass and glass bar cart in the room upon your arrival? You would be excited too, we know. It is stocked with all the fixings needed to create a refreshing beach-side cocktail. As may some of you know, as bar-cart enthusiasts, the accessories are the cherry on the top.

4. A Piece of Wall Art (Waikiki Beachcomber By Outrigger)

Waikiki Beachcomber By Outrigger

Every single time a guest steps in the room with a massive colorful ocean print on the wall wows! We are too, at this moment! The entire wall is covered with the art behind the bed in the guest rooms. This print brings out the beauty of the ocean to your abode, even if you can’t afford your dream beach house.

5. A Cashmere Throw to Keep You Warm at Night (

Raving about this cashmere throw doesn’t sound surreal at all. Why? There is absolutely nothing like the feeling wrapping yourself in cashmere! It’s perfect for those nights curling up with a book, or sitting next to a bonfire in chilly summer evenings.

6. Wall Sconce That Brings the Mood Lighting (Acqualina Resort & Spa)

Acqualina Resort & Spa

Only the guests that stay at the resort’s grand deluxe oceanfront suites love these mid-century, yet modern-meets-Scandinavian-design silver leaf sconces. These ones are designed with an inner light that reflects off a metal back plate, that makes for moody lighting that enhances the room.




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