Guide For Properly Setting Art Pieces On The Wall

The walls of the space in which we live and work can be boring, pale and empty. Today, almost all of us hang on the walls images made in various techniques, then photographs, framed inscriptions or just frames. Whether you have more pictures or only one, we provide you with several ideas how and where to set them. To begin with this, it is necessary to have a hammer, drill, screws (different sizes), nails and hooks. Whatever you decide to use, make sure that the nail, the screw or the hook is fitted enough into the wall, and the pictures are fastened.

Before deciding where to set the nail, check that there is no electrical installations, and so on. Make sure to check if the wall is strong, because in this case you will need a stronger drill for drilling screws. Also, it would not be good for the wall, the picture to be damp, exposed to the heating body and / or direct sunlight (especially important if it is oil on canvas as it may fade). If the picture is in the corridor it can collapse when wearing / removing jackets and coats, and in the kitchen and bathroom it can be damaged by moisture (steam) and cooking (especially by spraying the oil when frying). So, you must consider this things before you opt for setting art piece on the wall!


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