Grid House by Estudio VA arquitectos in La Plata, Argentina

Project: Grid House
Estudio VA arquitectos
La Plata, Argentina
1,119 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Luis Barandiarán

Grid House by Estudio VA arquitectos

Welcome to a striking new urban development on the outskirts of La Plata, where architectural ingenuity meets contemporary living. Among this collection of three magnificent houses stands a masterpiece of design – a residence that redefines modernity. Crafted by visionary architects, the house’s morphology is an enchanting interplay of solid volumes and the captivating allure of bricks forming a grid, artfully allowing rays of light to dance through its spaces.

This dwelling exemplifies the pinnacle of architectural elegance, where solidity and void dance together in perfect harmony.

This project is part of a set of 3 houses that were commissioned to us in a new urban development that`s taking shape on the outskirts of La Plata.

The morphology of this house is based on solid volumes where the bricks form a grid that breaks apart in certain places and allows the passage of light. The horizontality of the concrete acts as a hinge between the brickwork and the roof. In it, we sought to create a play of inclinations that, alternating, on the one hand, prioritize access to the house and on the other hand, capture the northwestern light, providing more brightness to the main areas of the house.

Different types of patios primarily respond to the needs and characteristics of specific uses of the dwelling. Each space of the house is framed and completed by its expansion, each solid with its void.

Estudio VA arquitectos


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