Gray Kitchen With Very Light Island

Here is another example of a large kitchen with an island where guests are received and not in the dining room as is often the case in our country. The apartment that we show you today has the same layout, a very spacious gray kitchen with an island and a breakfast bar and a dining area next to the windows, with enough space for at least 8 people to sit comfortably.

All the decoration in this kitchen has a common thread, the gray of the furniture, the walls, and the carpet, with the touches of light wood and the few contrasts in black. The living room maintains the same style, the same calm atmosphere, thanks to the light and neutral tones, the white curtains that diffuse the light throughout the room, and the green plants that give it freshness. Do not miss the rest of the rooms, as clean and relaxed as what we have already mentioned, they are white and gray tones, but it is not a cold decoration, the wooden touches are the key to making it feel warm and cozy.







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