Gorgeous Urban Apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel

This urban apartment is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and it is completed in 2013. The main project is made by Michal Schein.














decorationdigest.com: This project, a 150 m2 penthouse with a 70 m2 balcony on the south side of the building, is located on an upscale neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The original layout and design of the apartment didn’t utilize the full potential of the property so there was a need to transform it entirely. To create the proper quality of space without compromising on its functionality,Michal used glass partitions, high cabinets and large sliding doors to create divisions in the space, in a way that allows it to remain light, flowing and spacious. The design took under consideration all the practical needs of the modern urban living with lots of storage, a master bedroom with two bathrooms that allow an efficient morning and evening routine, a comfortable office space with two work stations, an elegant living room and entertaining area and another bedroom. A strong element that affected the design is the wonderful urban landscape of the cities Hertzelia and Tel Aviv.

To incorporate the urban feel of the big city in the interior design Michal used combinations of different materials – warm and cold, bright and dark, soft and rough that reflects the diversity of the city. For example, in the living room there is a mix of large clear glass windows alongside brick covered walls and light curtains, a soft black fur carpet and a modern stainless steel and glass table. In addition many art pieces were placed in the space, which add another layer of color, complexity and emotional depth to the space. The design also utilizes great technologies of home automation that allows control over the heating, cooling, alarm and audio-video systems. This apartment reflects the best elements of the urban city life and manages to incorporate them to the layout, material choice and all elements of the design, to create a modern, interesting and unique space. 

Photos by: Elad Gonen


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