Genesis House by Otta Albernaz Arquitetura in Brazil

Project: Genesis House
Architects: Otta Albernaz Arquitetura
Location: Brazil
Area: 2,906 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Otta Albernaz Arquitetura

Genesis House by Otta Albernaz Arquitetura

The Genesis House is a luxurious contemporary residence designed by Otta Albernaz Arquitetura in a beautiful Brazilian neighborhood. This home has presented a new challenge for the construction crew as well as for the entire neighborhood. With just under 3,000 square feet of living spaces, the interior offers plenty of everything in a functional, minimalist fashion.

This residence represents a new architectural paradigm for the construction company and the neighborhood it is located.

Exploring a contemporary rereading of modern designs, the house has apparent concrete on the stair structure and ground floor pillars. Living, TV and fireplace rooms all communicate with the kitchen, spontaneously and barrier-free, which, in turn, houses a supporting countertop and the cooking space. It can also be used for a quick meal, and service, when receiving in the dining room, in constant interaction.

Complementing the use of large rooms, the gourmet area and the balcony are an extension of the social area, with the continuity of the main and supporting countertops. This incorporation of diverse environments into an unique, fully integrated, highly functional and welcoming living space invites entry, reception and interaction between the inhabitants and their visitors.

Due to the restrictions on land use, such as the delimitation of space by the obligatory minimum setbacks, on the sides and at the back, floor-to-ceiling glass frames were used on virtually the entire perimeter of the floor. When fully opened, they hide in the walls, fully integrating the entire environment and bringing fluidity, which ensures adequate insolation and constant cross ventilation, characteristic of the project. They also promote a sense of spaciousness and total occupation of the land, where the boundaries of the residence are that of the plot. There is no distinction between interior and exterior: the glass walls make the limits disappear, unnoticed, allowing full visual communication and abundant natural lighting. When needed, the use of curtains ensures residents’ privacy.

One of the residence’s implantation characteristic is also due to the existence of a green and accessible corridor for pedestrian crossing, on the right side of the lot. Despite the impossibility of direct opening the house to that space, which allowed, therefore, greater privacy, the existence of this “emptiness” provided a better exploration of this facade, in continuity with the front one.

Brise soleil has a contemporary use and is a trademark of the architecture, as well as ensuring more adequate protection against intense insolation. With its many independent openings, it modifies the house continuously, which breathes and renews itself along with its residents, as it’s used, opened and closed randomly.

As all the rooms dialogue with each other, materials that communicate harmoniously and bring comfort and warmth to the residents were used: concrete, predominant on the ground floor; wood and its textures, in the entrance, brises, stairs and flooring of the intimate space; and the wide use of glass, which delimits and, simultaneously, provides visual permeability.

In the intimate area, located on the upper floor, the master suite shower room reinforces the refinement of finishes and elegance required in the project. A reversible suite can also be transformed into an intimate TV room or office. Two other suites (rooms with private closet and bathroom) complete the program.

Otta Albernaz Arquitetura


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