Fluxa House by Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos in La Plata, Argentina

Project: Fluxa House
Architects: Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos
Location: La Plata, Argentina
Area: 4,305 sf
Photographs by: Luis Barandiaran

Fluxa House by Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos

The Fluxa House is a beautiful contemporary dwelling located in the outskirts of La Plata, a city in Argentina. It is placed on a corner lot and offers 4,305 square feet of living space. It is a two-story home with a minimalist interior design with an open floor plan that has a strong connection to the outdoor surroundings. It was designed by Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos, a studio whose work on the House R in City Bell has already been featured here.

Located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of La Plata, this detached house is built on a corner lot of 20 meters x 60 meters at the intersection of 23rd and 510th streets. The Urban Planning Code requires, for this area , withdrawals both from the dividing axes and from the municipal lines of both streets.

The program aimed at a 4-bedroom house developed on 2 floors, with special emphasis on the flexibility of using the public spaces covered (living room – kitchen) and open spaces (central patio and gallery) and its relationship with outdoor spaces.

With these project premises, a “U” ground floor was developed around a central patio, allowing visual cross-over transparencies throughout the property, where the social sectors are developed; and a compact high floor plan as a container for the private area of the house.

The materiality is defined with by different concrete textures, white walls, PVC exterior carpentry and fixed and mobile parasols as elements of solar control and enclosure.

In this house there are certain project guidelines such as interior-exterior spatial flexibility through large glazed panels and large galleries; the structural-constructive resolution as the axis of the design; and the exhaustive development of the executive project as a fundamental element of the design process.

In this house we try to synthesize different principles that define our architectural action: simple and pure volumetry lines, the development of the detail, keeping correlation between the whole and the parts; and the careful selection and use of materials, colors and textures.

Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos


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