House R by Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos in City Bell, Argentina

Project: House R
Architects: Gianserra + Lima arquitectos
Location: City Bell, Argentina
Area: 2,475 sf
Photographs by: Luis Barandiaran

House R by Gianserra + Lima Arquitectos

Gianserra + Lima arquitectos have designed the House R in the Argentinian town of City Bell. The design of this home is characterized by its concrete construction which gives it its contemporary look and feel. On the inside, it has almost 2,500 square feet of minimalist modern living spaces to offer to its inhabitants, while the outdoor areas boast stunning landscaping design.

This house located in a private neighborhood of City Bell, located in a residential area north of the city of La Plata, with an area of 230 m2 for a married couple with three daughters, is a contemporary design in fair-faced concrete, which coexists with some old tree species of the pre-existing pennaceous families in the 17.00 x 34.64 m lot.

The ground floor, designed with accessibility criteria, includes the living room and gallery, the dining room and a suite with a dressing room. A patio articulates the entrance to the house after crossing the portico that serves to park the cars. The Upper Floor with flexibility criteria, adaptable to future family needs, has a compartmentalized bathroom when exiting the staircase, and can go from being a single large room or be divided into 3 bedrooms, with views to the front and the quiet part of the house.

Gianserra + Lima arquitectos


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