Feng Shui Tips on How to Create the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Are you ready for some restful sleep? If yes, just follow us. You already know that the bedroom takes the most important space in your home, and there is no need to ask why. Decompressing from the day and enjoying a good night’s sleep are just normal reasons, but of you’ve been longing for pointers on how to make your bedroom a more inviting space then Feng Shui is here.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition rooted in incorporating a sense of organization, balance and healthy practices into your home. They can ultimately improve your daily lifestyle, and for some practical tips you don’t have to look too much. We have provided everything needed for your bedroom! Everything you are about to hear has been said fromΒ  and interior architect, feng shui expert and author Anije Cho.

Here are her top Feng Shui bedroom ideas!

1. Don’t Position Your Bed in Line with the Door

The first and command position calls the bed to be diagonal from the door. The Feng Shui expert says that when lying in bed you should be able to see the door without being right in line with it. Don’t position your feet straight towards the door and don’t letΒ  your headboard to be in line with the door.

2. Aim for a Serene Environment

You should aspire to craft a serene bedroom, regardless if your decorating style. How a space makes you feel is the important thing about feng shui. The bedroom that has a good feng shui feels nurturing, comfortable, supporting and like your home, because the well-being, health, and livelihood has so much effect on your prosperity.

3. Use a Solid Headboard

The solid headboard and the same attaching to the bed connects you to your partner, or future partner. It also provides stability between your feminine and masculine side. Cho suggests wood or upholstered headboards, and to avoid the metal ones. You don’t want your space to feels like prison, right?

4. Choose Plants Wisely

Yes, the flowers are always relaxing and nurturing but not all plants reflect the philosophy of feng shui. We should stick to the plants that have rounded and soft edges, like succulents with heart-shaped leaves or snake plants. They provide us with more oxygen at night and make the space feel more calming. Here are some ideas about peaceful life – bedrooms.

5. Organic Bedding

According to Cho you should opt for the organic bedding, so you buy the most ethical and non-toxic materials that you can afford, because that will affect your life. And when it comes to choosing the pillows, if you want to attract a partner you can have pink bedding, and if you want to have more passion for life or your partner then opt for a red bedding.

6. Aim for Balance

The principle of balance is fundamental in every area of your life. But, when having a partner or you want to attract one, your bedroom should be in a balance. You need to have enough space on both sides of the bed or nightstands, even in two different styles. Balance gives you more freedom.

7. Conceal the Television

Whether to have or not to have a TV in your bedroom is up to your own personal style. If you are willing to make some better changes in your life then consider to conceal your TV, so it’s not a distraction from your sleep.

8. Lighting is the Key

Cho says that lighting brings clarity, activity, and brilliance to all areas of your being. The particular lighting that is good in feng shui is uplighting, especially if someone is depressed. Adding a warmth to he interior is the right thing, and that’s why Cho preferes 2700 kelvin versus 3000 kelvin lights, because they add more warm feels into the room. If you want to create another level of intimacy in your bedroom then opt for a candles, which are another favorite. That intimacy can’t be be achieved with other lighting options.

9. Don’t Hang Family Photos and Never Hang Artwork Low

Let’s be clear on this one – family photos don’t fit in the bedroom. It’s not the place for them, your bedroom is about you and connecting to yourself or your partner. When it comes to artworks, when they’re placed low it can bring you down emotionally. This concept, Cho says, also applies to beds – they shouldn’t be too low to the ground.

10. Reduce Clutter

Clutter equals to stress. Good feng shui calls for keeping it at bay. It’s great to have an open space, especially under your bed because it creates healthy energy and healthy chi, as Cho says. And if you live in a small space and the only thing you have to use is the storage under your bed, go only with sleep-related items, like bedding, blankets, and pillows. You shouldn’t be keeping items that are emotionally-charged, like shoes, photo mementos, jeans that no longer fit etc.

One thing more you need to know is that is best to keep books out of the bedroom. Why? Cho claims that they can be a distraction in our fast-paced and stressful lives. Our sleep needs to really count, no distractions.

11. Incorporate Your Favorite Colors

Most of the people have the belief that an all-neutral palette is the key to having a good feng shui bedroom. Cho says that you actually decorate with any hues that resonate with you.

The earth colors, neutrals represent stability, support, and nourishment. If you are attracted to that an that’s what you exactly need then it’s the great palette for your bedroom. Remember it all comes to your taste.


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