6 Simple Ideas How to Display Your Books

If you feel like you are overrun with books & unfinished bookshelves you are not the only one. But there are always great ways when it comes to displaying them in style. Wink, wink! In those times when you don’t like having anything around you, just declutter! Is decluttering the new obsession? We guess when managing books it should be. Knowing how books are both beautiful and useful, they just keep multiplying in our homes. That’s why it’s beautiful to be always on the lookout for attractive ways to display your books.

So here are some of the ideas that we truly believe will be out of help!

1.On the Landing

This is one of the perfect spots for bookworms to store their collection. And if you add shelving here it will keep your books out of the main rooms plus will create a feature where there often isn’t one.

2. Shelf

The floating shelves are also a very beautiful idea because they let the books be the focus, not any distraction. You can even display the book you love the most with the cover facing out.

3. Store upwards

If you like rereading any of your books soon then to stack them isn’t the best way to store them. So what do we suggest? The barely visible shelves will give you the look without the chaos. Also, you will create a characterful addition as this room proves.

4. Make a Display

Looking for an idea of boxed shelving units? As you can see on this picture above these units are excellent for storing books alongside other objects. This works well along with a short wall, but you could also use them to divide a room if no wall exists. Here’s a piece of small advice first, make sure you secure them to the ceiling or floor so that they are stable.

5. Step-Up

By making a small feature of your staircase you can make a lot for your books! This feature will be such an awesome display of the books, that a joiner will be able to build shelving units against the wall too.

6. Use Your Window Sill

We guess that you still have some books that are running in your house trying to find them a place. Well, we got you on this one too, just sneak a few onto a window sill and you have it all solved!


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