10 Bedroom Designs That Will Leave You Longing For A Clutterless Interior

The bedroom is every home’s safe haven. It is a space that should provide you with comfort, peace, and a tranquil ambiance to help you recharge after even the most hectic of days. But the bedroom is more than just a place for sleeping. You can use it to read a book, daydream, take a quick nap or even workout.

The different ways you can use a bedroom, however, are determined by the size, layout and also the bedroom furniture. A clean and organized bedroom means no clutter, which in turn, means that you can enjoy the space without your attention being drawn away by all of the excess things scattered throughout. If achieving a clutterless bedroom was so simple, however, then everyone would have one. In fact, it’s easier said than done.

First off, a lot of people make the early mistake of buying a bedroom suite from the furniture store without really putting thought into what they need and the constraints of the physical space itself. Indeed, excess furniture creates clutter before personal items even enter the equation. It makes the entire space look and feel smaller as well as be physically less accessible.

Keep in mind the constraints of your space before you begin planning your dream bedroom. If it’s small, you might want to consider moving some furniture to another room or find items that can serve multiple purposes, like a desk that also has ample storage space or a bed frame that is high enough off the ground to store various items.

Clutter is not the only thing that can make the bedroom a less comfortable and desirable space to be in. Lighting is also critical for how a space looks and feels. Not only can the lighting make a space look smaller or bigger, it can also impact the quality of your sleep. We also suggest you avoid overhead lights and opt instead for lamps or other lighting fixtures near the bed. This kind of lighting creates a cosier ambiance.

And last but not least, you need a plan of attack for your bedroom furniture. Try to avoid purchasing more than you need. In bedrooms, like much else in life, less is more. It’s also important to make sure you know how you want to use your space when it is all finished. A person who only spends time in their room for sleeping will opt for totally different furniture than someone who wants to use the space for different activities.

If you enjoy reading in the bedroom, a bookshelf should definitely be on the top of your list. Even if it’s a small one that’s part of your nightstand, you’ll be happy to have somewhere to store your current favorites. Take the same approach with a cosmetics vanity. If you don’t spend a lot of time putting makeup on, save that for the bathroom.

In short, creating the perfect bedroom involves maximizing the space you have to create the look and feel you want. When choosing a piece, remember to have an in depth understanding of how much space you have beforehand and how you want to use it. From there, you can focus on style and other accent pieces to make a space truly your own.

For inspiration, take a look at the bedroom designs that we’ve compiled in this new collection of 10 Bedroom Designs That Will Leave You Longing For A Clutterless Interior. You will find plenty of bedroom designs from around the world, each with their own style. Even though all of them are unique, notice their dedication to keeping their room clutter free. Check them out!

1. Modern Moscow Quarters

2. Tres Canton Residence in Madrid, Spain

3. Covert Home in Naples, Florida

4. Butlers Wharf apartment in London

5. Custom farmhouse style bedroom

6. Capitol Hill House in Seattle

7. Traditional bedroom renovation in Cleveland

8. Wattens Residence in Singapore

9. Waterway Apartment in Egypt

10. Transitional bedroom design


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