A feminine and unique mini loft in Madrid

We present you very unique newly built, two story,  high ceiling loft of a young executive in the advertising industry. The loft is made in bright colors with colorful details. The subtle contrast of white and gray, which emanates from the furniture design and refined textures, conveys a sense of balance. The lamp stand with Tripod, Hanbel, inspired in the outbreaks of professional sets, forms a duo with glamorous replica chair Barcelona, ​​acquired Super Studio.  A hairdryer, flanked by two speakers, and an original suspended decorative furniture create a very techno composition in the lounge. Also, take advantage of this area of ​​transition between the room and the kitchen, without disturbing the flow. The shelf is asymmetric focal point for its design and contrast with gray paper that decorates the wall. The same two sculptures arouse interest: the original lamp ceiling and table based sanding and varnishing iron. With its knots, its veins and its wide variety of shades, the flooring is oak aged protagonist decoration. The game of contrasts visually separates the work area from the breakfast barThe deep red, if used in moderation to avoid saturating, gives much play. In this almost immaculate space where the white is dominant, focuses attention very easily. The gray background gives an urban air to the bedroom, but is offset by textiles in vibrant color. Details of color enliven the sofa and the multiple shades created by the carpet satin make the living area, with an impeccable aesthetic, a more vital and dynamic environment. Remarkable, in front of the window, a nearly invisible, minimalist fireplace. 

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