Experience the Beauty of Contemporary Design with These Large Suspension Models

When you have a high ceiling, you can afford to opt for a large suspension. In addition to having a lot of charisma, this centerpiece will give your room even more style!

Why adopt a large format suspension in your decor?

Whether rattan, cane or gilded brass; classic in shape or on the contrary, very design, you can opt for these large lights in all rooms of the house. Most people like to integrate them into the decoration of large stairwells, and living rooms but also in the master bedrooms!

In addition to dressing up the space, large-format pendant lights immediately give a “wow” effect to the room. They impose themselves by their style, but also by their volume which makes them immediately noticeable. They can also be used to create a focal point in the room: a large pendant lamp draws attention to a particular place and makes it a focal point.

Choosing a designer light also means ensuring added value for your room. Some pieces even have the gift of making an impression, such as the Vertigo suspension, which has become a timeless piece.

Finally, a large suspension also improves the lighting: with its beautiful volume, it can produce a considerable amount of light. However, care should be taken to use other small accent lights to complete the lighting atmosphere.

Looking for the perfect light fixture? We have selected for you the most beautiful large designer pendant lights to enhance your interior!










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