Rattan Pendant Lights Are The Absolute Trend

Mirrors, armchairs, and suspensions become major assets for a cozy decor, a bit retro and full of charm.
Today, it’s the latter that we’re going to talk about, with a selection of rattan lights that will make you want to get away from it all!

We particularly like them for their ease of being integrated into all styles of interiors: bohemian, vintage, Scandinavian, or Parisian… And especially for the pretty shadows, they cast on the walls in the evening! 

The suspension, by its position on the ceiling, provides a room with general lighting, that is to say, it illuminates the room as a whole. It’s simple, it’s the light that we turn on when entering a room! The general lighting that it provides is homogeneous, sufficient to see and orient yourself in space; this lighting also gives the ambient tone of the room. This is why the lighting of a pendant lamp must be soft enough not to dazzle. For this, we prefer economical halogen bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs with a warm white color. Note that, depending on the height of the wire of the suspension, if it is adjustable to measure, for example, we can intensify the lighting of a suspension, to make it very directional. It’s all a matter of dosage!










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