Enjoy A Unique Experience Sleeping In A Designer Igloo

We are always on the lookout for deco places to visit, and today, we bring you an irresistible proposal that mixes design, snow, nature…

It is Las Mugas. An experienced hotel located in the Formigal ski resort, in the Aragonese Pyrenees in Spain which is composed of several geodesic domes decorated in a charming Nordic style, the sea of ​​appropriate to sleep and wake up in the snow.

And yes, we say in the snow, because the domes that make up this hotel are located at 1800 meters of altitude, in the area known as Anayet. And to get there, you can only go on foot, skiing in the snowy season, or with a Ratrack machine that takes your luggage to the complex.

The experience of sleeping in this place is unique. The domes are perfectly equipped so that you do not feel that the outside temperatures around you drop several degrees below zero.

To achieve this, the Nordic-style decoration, with a lot of wood and leather, will make you feel better than at home, while you enjoy the solitude and the incredible landscape of the snow-capped Aragonese mountains. Each of these domes has 35 square meters, and inside, there is a bed located in front of a large window from which you can see the stars, or watch the sunrise between the snowy peaks. Of course, each igloo has its bathroom, and at the top of each of them, there is a loft that is accessed through a wooden ladder in case you decide to go with the little ones.
Also, if you are worried about the cold, no problem. Because apart from the fact that the domes have been designed respecting sustainability (in addition to being installed on removable structures, without foundations or concreting, they have been designed to be energy efficient to absorb the heat of the sun’s rays during the day, keeping the night the rooms at a suitable temperature). And just in case, they also have pellet stoves to provide warmth and maintain the interior temperature.

For gourmet dinner and breakfast, Las Mugas has another dome that serves as a restaurant, also perfectly decorated, and in which both breakfast and gourmet dinner are served, in which the flavors of traditional products play a leading role. from the Tena Valley.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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