Eichler Great Room by Klopf Architecture in Sunnyvale, California

Project: Eichler Great Room
Architects: Klopf Architecture
Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Year: 2020
Photographs by: Mariko Reed

Eichler Great Room by Klopf Architecture

Welcome to the Eichler Great Room Transformation by Klopf Architecture in sunny Sunnyvale, California—a brilliant architectural renovation. Klopf Architecture, known for their visionary designs, has turned this Eichler residence into a masterpiece. Imagine seamless spaces, no more kitchen wall collisions. Bedrooms find cozy spots under an 8-foot ceiling, while a grand great room thrives beneath a majestic gable roof.

Strategically placed skylights and a partly open atrium bathe the home in natural light. Lush greenery becomes part of daily life, seamlessly blending with the neighborhood’s tapestry. Klopf Architecture’s iconic designs, like the San Francisco Modern View House and the Modern Ranch House, continue to inspire.

There were to many disjointed spaces in the existing Eichler home, and the owners didn’t like entering right into the kitchen wall. There were not enough functional spaces in the house but it was tricky to see how or where to add to the home without losing the atrium.

The Klopf team re-arranged the spaces in the house to put the bedroom functions under the flat, 8-foot ceiling and the whole great room under the higher gable roof, moving the kitchen to the corner and creating a symmetrical and regular-shaped great room.

A narrow band of skylights and a reduced, but still open, atrium brighten the family’s days and bring more greenery into their lives.

The Klopf team turned the small front bedroom into a laundry room, powder room, and hallway to a large, added work-from-home office/family room that can double as a guest room.
From the street the addition looks like it might have been there all along, but for the family members it’s a game-changer.

Klopf Architecture



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