EH House by Estudio GM ARQ in Pilar, Argentina

Project: EH House
Architects: Estudio GM ARQ
Location: Pilar, Argentina
Area: 2,152 sf
Photographs by: Alejandro Peral

EH House by Estudio GMARQ

The EH House is a wonderful contemporary dwelling located in Pilar, Argentina. With over 2,000 square feet of minimalist modern living spaces, this residence stands out with its concrete shell that opens up to a landscaped area with a swimming pool and a modern deck. It was designed by Estudio GM ARQ, a studio whose work we’ve already showcased in the form of the AC House in Tigre, the A House in Buenos Aires and the House N in Belen de Escobar, Argentina.

This is a permanent home for a young couple that doesn’t plan on having children, at least in the medium term. So the program escapes the usual projects of closed neighborhoods.

On the other hand, the land has the front facing north, so public rooms that turn to the garden do not receive direct sunlight. To respond to these constraints, the main rooms become passing through rooms north-south direction, working visual barriers to achieving privacy where necessary.

In the case of the dining room, a garden with plants designed, whose volume fulfills that same function. Upstairs, the suite opens to a patio that guarantees the entrance of the sun but cuts the visuals from the street.

Estudio GMARQ


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