Dressing Room Mirror – Inspiring Decor Tips

Is it a diva thing or not to have a dressing room mirror in the bedroom? In addition to being glamorous, the dressing room mirror also has the advantage of being the best option for those who like to make up.

So let’s better understand this dressing room mirror and find out how he can become your best friend?

Types of Dressing Room Mirror

The dressing room mirror is a master when it comes to versatility. It can be big and vertical, big and horizontal, or small and round like that of the Evil Queen in Snow White’s history.

It can be suspended on the wall or supported on a bench. You can also have a dressing room mirror next to a dressing table, which makes everything even easier.

The dressing room mirror can be installed in the bedroom, next to your bed, for example, or on an empty wall, if the environment is a little bigger. But if you have a suite, you can bet that the dressing room mirror will look beautiful inside the bathroom. Just as it looks wonderful inside the closet.

It’s a lot of versatility for a mirror only!

Tips to Make Better Use of the Dressing Room Mirror

  • Position the dressing room mirror in the place that receives the most natural light. The more natural lighting, the better for your make up. Just be careful that the mirror does not reflect direct light.
  • If you have a lot of beauty products, makeup, and brushes, consider investing in a dressing table next to the mirror. So everything is more organized and practical to use daily.
  • Along with the dressing table and dressing room mirror, you should also have a comfortable bench or chair at the ideal time for you to get ready.
  • The stool is more suitable for small rooms since after makeup you can store it under the dressing table.
  • But if the intention is to invest in a chair, that’s fine too. Just be careful with the height of the backrest, so that you can brush and style your hair without hindrance.
  • Also, think about the decoration of this space. The place where the dressing room mirror will stay is entirely dedicated to personal care and, therefore, it can and should reflect your entire personality. Therefore, invest in objects and accessories that make sense to you, such as paintings, flowers, potted plants, aromatic candles, among other exciting details.

Check out these 10 dressing room mirror ideas and how to use them in the bedroom decoration:












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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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