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Every woman’s dream is to have a space for makeup and store the necessary items that are part of this preparation, such as hair accessories, brushes, brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes, fasteners, etc. For this, the makeup & dressing table is the key missing in your home, because in addition to leaving the space organized it helps in the daily rush of anyone.

The best place to insert it is in the bedroom, closet or bathroom, as it is easily accessible and an intimate area for the resident. It is recommended that the place is illuminated so try to put it in a place near windows, because only the lights on the dressing table itself are not enough for makeup. If it is not possible, place a lamp or next to the ambient lamps.

The cool thing is that you can decorate according to your style and taste. To keep it organized it is necessary to have a workbench with built-in drawers so you can separate it by items or with dividers to facilitate access to the accessories. For those who prefer a simple bench without many drawers, look for acrylic or glass boxes to leave on top, which also plays the same role as an organizer.

There are several dressing room models. You can insert the lamps in the mirror itself, in the mirror frame and outside with lighting plates or rails. For those who do not want to drill a wall or buy a new mirror, you can place the lights that come in the wire around any mirror that has the same effect.

And believe me, this lighting makes a big difference in the decoration because it changes the look and leaves the most inspiring place for your routine. We separated 9 beautiful models of this dressing table model to help you assemble your charming corner:












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