21 Brilliant Make-up Table Designs That Every Woman Will Adore

Every girl and woman wants to have a sacred place in the home where will keep all the makeup and beauty products. A place where will gladly prepare to go out and where everything will be within reach. Take a look at these suggestions for make-up tables, some of them you can DIY with little money and a lot of creativity. The very name makes us think that its only purpose is for the make up, but it is not. Inside it you can store documents and personal belongings, and on the upper surface you can set your jewelry, perfumes and make up products.

Extremely feminine and elegant, in your room can introduce glamorous glow of a different time. The classic look in gentle tones of colors, contribute to the elegance in the bedroom. The beautiful retro note that it has, many women reminiscent of the childhood their mothers or grandmothers. These decorative tables can easily be made from old pieces of furniture. Depending on your wishes and needs, select the size of the mirror and one plain wooden table may be transformed into a cute female corner.


Image via Alise O’Brien


Image via Karen Melvin


Image via Beth Singer Photographer Inc.


Image via Bill Mathews Photographer, Inc


Image via Erich Saide Photography


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