Developers Prioritize Outside Space In New Luxury Home Design

As the housing market resumed recently, searches for  properties in suburban areas rose by 13%. A desire for more outside space is leading homebuyers to seek out luxury homes where they can enjoy a more tranquil way of life. The positive effects of being surrounded by greenery are well-known, and, even in a busy city, the creative use of outside space in a luxury development makes it possible for residents to connect with nature easily. At the same time, both private yards and communal gardens provide the opportunity to create  an oasis for relaxation or a place for recreation and socializing.

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Picturesque And Tranquil Settings

Although set in acres of picturesque open space, the mature trees surrounding one  new home community in Delaware offer a sense of seclusion and privacy to residents. To reflect the spacious open floor plans and sumptuous designs of new luxury properties, developers are increasingly providing equally indulgent outside space. The trend for making full use of any external space to create outdoor living areas has been given a boost by recent restrictions. In addition to seeking out a tranquil living experience where they can reconnect with nature, homebuyers are looking for  outdoor environments with luxury amenities where they can enjoy new hobbies and activities. Some of the best in picturesque and tranquil settings exist in Rhode Island. Among the many luxury properties in Providence are mansions, gorgeous homes, and many styles that are ideal for luxury homes. It’s the best place to be for those who seek a peaceful and beautiful place to live.

Exclusive Formal Courtyards

In New York, where there is less available outdoor space,  shared courtyard gardens within apartment buildings provide a welcome breath of fresh air and help to create a sense of village community. Growing in popularity, the lush landscaped gardens and beautifully manicured lawns of prestigious residential developments provide beautiful views from private apartments. Outside, lounge seating, water features and barbecue areas offer residents the opportunity to enjoy being closer to nature, relax in tranquil greenery and even entertain friends.

Rooftop Recreational Retreats

In a large, busy city, residents still want to escape to a quiet, tranquil retreat after work, and in response, developers are increasingly adding rooftop patios and gardens to their properties. Although it provides much needed outdoor space in which to simply sit and enjoy the views, the rooftop of a luxury condo in Baltimore has also been designed with  luxury amenities to enhance recreation and relaxation. Residents can exercise in a fitness center, cook in an outdoor kitchen, and even watch a movie on the large outdoor cinema screen. As well as being able to enjoy the greenery of lawns and exotic planting, high-end condos with swimming pools, hot tubs and fire pits treat residents to luxurious lifestyle extras that can improve their quality of life.
Developers of luxury communities and condos understand the importance of incorporating outdoor space into their plans. In the suburbs, they are creating picturesque settings and providing private open spaces to match stunning individual homes. In cities where space is at a premium, they are still managing to creatively add communal gardens for recreation and relaxation to high end city apartments.

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Author: Maja Markovski

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A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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