19 Astounding Landscape Design Ideas With Trees

The landscape and garden are an important elements of the exterior of every home. Their decoration can create a beautiful natural oasis for relaxation, but also a pleasant place for socializing and fun with friends. Garden decoration and construction of the garden is a pleasure for those who live in houses. Even the outdoor living, in a man awakens a desire to regulate this area, to make it wonderful place in which you can withdraw and spend quiet moments alone or welcome the guests.

Gardening requires lots of preparation and planning, as well as the arrangement the interior of the home. It is necessary to pay attention where the garden is, where it is in relation to the street, what it ist position in relation to the house and outbuildings, such as the brightness of the garden and the like. If you have a garden or courtyard in front of the building, it is best to plant a trees, which will not only enrich the space but also will provide shade where everyone will stay in the hot days.

When selecting the type of the tree, consider the size and shape of tree canopy, as well as the size of the space at their disposal. Trees with foliage in the form of umbrellas or sphere protects a wider area of ​​sunlight. In larger gardens, you can plant the tall trees, with small dwarf-spherical shape. If you need a dose of inspiration, take a look at our amazing coolection, and you will find it here!


Image via Shannon Malone


Image via COS Design


Image via Tim Turner Photography


Image via Tim Turner Photography


Image via Matthew Ramsey


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