Decoration Under the Stairs

Knowing how to use the space under the stairs is essential for an interior architecture project. Both for those who have ample spaces to spare it is important to improve the environments in a functional way so that it can take pleasant moments for those who live in this residence. Thinking about it, we brought ideas on how to use that space under the stairs, which is sometimes overlooked by residents.

From the existing models of stairs, whether curved or straight, what will depend on the possible use of this space are the size and angle that the steps form with the floor. After this study of the space, the residents will be able to decide which will be the best use of the place.

If space is of reasonable height, an environment such as a bathroom or office can be designed. Now if there is no option and it is lower, the cool thing is to create a garden with pots or a custom piece of furniture with drawers to organize the objects.

It is possible to take advantage of these spaces making them useful and beautiful. For other options on how to decorate your stairs see our image gallery with many different ideas:











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