Decoration Trends 2020 – What’s on the Rise This Year

2020 trend is like this: sustainable, technological, colorful and beyond sensory. Who said? Big brands, social networks, and research institutes. And what does this mean in practice? That the decoration trends for 2020 will say much more about being than having. They will explore experiences and sensations. A year to unite concepts, instead of separating them. A year without right or wrong.

Reconnection with nature

Sustainability, reuse and the use of natural materials will be the watchwords in 2020. Following a trend (and need) that grows every day, designers, architects and decorators will have the mission to insert sustainability concepts more and more into their projects. , such as solar energy, rainwater harvesting, reused materials, such as demolition wood, for example.

Bamboo, ceramics, straw, wicker and other natural materials will also be setting the trend in 2020. They will be everywhere, from the sofa to the wall covering, through the kitchen utensils.

We cannot fail to mention the plants as well. They continue to spread love in green tones throughout the houses.

Colors for all tastes

Although Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as the color of the year 2020 and WGSN has named Neo Mint as the new sensation, other colors will also be in evidence.

As is the case with the shades of pink, demonstrating that the Rosa Millennial has not gone out of style yet, the yellows, especially those closest to mustard and the most varied shades of green.

Classic and neutral tones like white, gray and black will also show their strength in 2020.

Another big bet for 2020 is the earth color palette, as is the case with terracotta, ocher, and nude. Perfect to combine with natural materials and the concept of nature that will permeate the environments.

Curves, lines, and geometry

2020 is not a year dictated by rules. In those 366 days, everything can, including the forms that will be present in the composition of the homes.

Get ready for a year in which the curves and organic movements will gain prominence, sometimes the straight lines and geometric shapes, whether squares, rectangles, hexagons or polygons, which will be in the sights of the designers.

Maximalism and minimalism

If the year 2019 was marked by minimalism, the year 2020 brings an opposite movement: that of maximalism. You mean it’s the end of the minimal style? Of course not! He keeps snatching hearts.

It turns out that in 2020 it will be common to also see environments full and full of decoration. Many colors, many pictures on the wall, many furniture filling every space in the house.


It cannot be denied that the houses in 2020 will remain small. The solution? Multifunctional furniture. More than a trend, betting on furniture that has seen something else has become a necessity.

To See and to Feel

Finally, another strong trend for 2020 is sensory design. What is it? Pieces designed to cause some kind of effect on the human nervous system. It can be through smells, textures or colors. In other words, 2020 will be a year to touch, smell and feel.

So, which of these 2020 decor trends spoke louder in your heart?










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