Decorating With Empty Frames- 18 Brilliant Ideas To Make Trendy Home

Are you bored with the arrangement of furniture in the apartment? You want to change it, but you do not have enough money? Do not despair! For well-thought-out design, you do not need money. Arranging your living space in the best way is not an easy job, nut with a few inspirational ideas, and maybe with advice from the professionals, you can make your private haven.

The effort that you made when arranging living space shows your style and the way you maintain it makes you proud of your self and full of life. Colors, designs, shapes, and decorating style, reflect not only your taste, but also the character and even mood. Because, ultimately, you, by designing the interior, have woven your thoughts and ideas into decorating of the home, to make it better place to live.

If you don’t want to make big changes, but you still want to revive and refresh your interior design, we present you one new trend. It is about decorating with empty frames on the walls. If will give special charm to any room, and for free you will have interesting wall decorations for every room. If you don’t have any idea how it will look like, see our examples below, and you will find out. Have fun and be productive!


Image via Julie Ranee Photography


Image via Janet Paik


Image via Cynthia Lynn Photography


Image via Connie Anderson Photography


Image via Jeffrey Aron


Image via Greg Riegler Photography


Image via Lindsay Nichols Photography


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