Dare To Be Different: 17 Brilliant Ideas Of Accent Walls With Wood

Modern life suggests to life in harmony with the environment, and therefore the implementation of natural materials in the living space. Wood is grateful for maintenance, and design and processing capabilities are manifold. Wood is a favorite material of the past, present and surely in the future. Because of its exceptional features, processing capabilities and design, final effects and final atmosphere that creates in the space, wood is a favorite material for the construction and equipping of the homes of many people.

Wood leaves wide range for decorating and creating styles according to user’s desires. Wood allows you to create as minimalist, traditional, and every other design. Durability, especially of the surface of the wooden furniture, depends of its maintenance. Therefore, it is very important when designing to consider how to maintain the walls, for example, if they will be covered with wooden panels. If you want to make one accent wall with wood, we will show you some interesting ideas that will help you to make decision. Wooden accented wall will give special charming atmosphere to any interior design. No matter what is the style of your home, you can always make beautiful and pleasant atmosphere with wood. See some interesting options and maybe you will find idea how to make accent wall with wood in your home!


Image via Robert Canfield Photography


Image via Mark Fordelon


Image via Casey Dunn Photography


Image via KaDa Photography


Image via Ty Cole Photography


Image via Kimberly Gavin


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