Creative Models of Bathroom Cabinets You Might Fall For Instantly

The cabinet in the bathroom plays an important role in organizing, protecting objects, and decorating the environment. With limited spaces and many objects to organize, it may not be enough to support them on the workbench or on shelves, which is why most projects rely on the use of the cabinet.

Nowadays, in addition to ready-made models, there are modern and sophisticated options that can be custom-made, with noble materials and differentiated finishes. Taking into account the entire bathroom project, the cabinet can be designed to follow the same decoration style to have a harmonic solution.

An essential tip is to consider all dimensions and measurements so as not to make a mistake in choosing. An undersized cabinet may not open the door correctly, or even not fit in the intended location. In smaller spaces, cabinets with sliding doors can be used, avoiding any space problems when opening doors.

How to choose a cabinet for your bathroom

In addition to assisting in the organization of cleaning and personal hygiene products, the cabinet helps to give personality and style to the bathroom. That is, the bathroom cabinet is an essential element in the decoration and organization of this environment. However, choosing or planning the ideal cabinet can be a challenging task due to the wide variety of options on the market. Here are some tips and strategies that we have separated to help you make your choice:

Consider the style of the bathroom

Before choosing the furniture, look at the predominant colors and materials in the bathroom design, after all, the cabinet must be in harmony with the style of the environment. For minimalist and modern bathrooms, models with straight lines and neutral colors are the best. For classic-style bathrooms, choose cabinets with wood finishes and ornate details.

Evaluate the space available in the bathroom

Another fundamental step is to measure the space available in your bathroom, taking into account the dimensions of the doors, sink, and windows, as well as possible obstacles that may interfere with the installation of the cabinet. From these basic measurements, it will be possible to determine the ideal size for the cabinet, always ensuring that there is space for circulation and opening of drawers and doors.

Choose quality materials

To ensure durability and resistance, it is essential to choose materials that are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. Solid wood, MDP, and MDF are common options on the market. In addition, you can choose quality handles that are aesthetically pleasing and last for a long time.


Aside from aesthetics, the most important part is defining the functionality of your case. If it is planned and custom-made, you can choose the number of drawers and shelves needed to store your cleaning and hygiene items. Internal dividers are great allies in this function, in addition to earnings and other accessories.


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