Contrasting Black & White Apartment in Neo-Classical Style by LINES bureau

Project: Black & White Apartment
Architects: LINES Bureau
Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 1,237 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Sergey Melnikov

Black & White Apartment by LINES bureau

For a young family living in Moscow, the LINES bureau has designed a black-and-white contrast interior with a library in a living room. The apartment is divided into four functional zones: bedroom, kitchen combined with a living room, children’s room and office. The four zones are united by a common stylistic.

The clients read a lot, and thus we wanted to fill the apartment with books via creating a sort of a home library. In accordance with their desire, black and white book shelves were built into living room walls, becoming a predominant design element alongside an elegant gray couch.

Originally, the apartment was divided into long, nonfunctional zones with dark tambours. One of the corridors led simultaneously into four rooms, being completely deprived of functionality. To make the space more convenient, the designers created a unified corridor which connects the private area of the apartment to the kitchen-living room.

For the style of the apartment, modern black-and-white classic was chosen. The LINES team used graphic moldings on the walls and furnished the apartment with items сontaining elements of classical style. The moldings contributed to the overall design rhythmicity, being flush with the walls in some places and surfacing in others.

In this interior, one dominant material is light porcelain stoneware with black specks. It can be encountered all across the apartment: on the walls in the kitchen-living area, in the bedroom and in the office space.

“In this project, we decided to give up bright accents and only add a few colorful details in the children’s room. The clients totally supported our idea, they were not afraid of sudden color transitions” – shares Ekaterina Usova, designer of the project.

Another interesting interior element is a unified black cube connecting the corridor to a bright kitchen space. On the one side, the cube is supplemented with a full length mirror and a console; into the other side of the cube, kitchen cabinets and equipment are embedded. A luminaire with four silver pendants above the kitchen island makes an additional accent.

The cubic concept is also embraced in the bedroom. A huge wardrobe with sliding doors made of glass is constructed in the form of the cube. A supporting element is a light fixture with numerous small LEDs placed above the bed.

Orange furniture details in the children’s room are the only bright elements in the apartment. The designers suggested adding space motifs into the interior, and thus, an unusual lamp resembling a spaceship appeared on the wall, while a full-wall moon mural with an additional multi color RGB-illumination became the main element of the room.

-Project description and images provided by LINES Bureau


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