Contemporary Eco-Design Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine

Interior successfully combines the functionality and natural atmosphere in an apartment in Kyiv. The room is gorgeous, but the main advantage is the note “eco”. Currently, “ecological” design is a popular method of combating air pollution and emissions. This style of design use the natural wood, stone, natural colors palette.

Having opened the door, at once you feel the smell of nature, rough surface underfoot, soft natural fabrics from a clap, hemp or flax. What you feel in your apartment ?

The project of apartment was developed in the best traditions of the Cult of Design: modern style, use exclusively environmentally friendly materials, maximum functionality.

The premise consists of light hall, comfortable kitchen and dining room, spacious living room, bedroom, which is done in shades of blue and considerable wardrobe room.

Having opened the white doors with a yellow framing, immediately fall into the eye bright yellow decorative elements. A corridor is wide, because the furniture are compact and functional – enough space, look!

Next – living room. Here is dominated by white, brown, yellow and gray color. A large number of fluorescent lamps completely saturating the room with light, regardless of the weather outside – in the house is summer weather and cheerful mood. Pay attention to the size of the windows. Who doesn’t dream to comprehend the capital by only one glance? Imagine: an evening city, bustle of people, you look, sitting on a comfortable leather chair, holding a glass of drink in your own eco apartment. The interior of comfortable living room is successfully combined and looks harmonious and extremely attractive.

The bedroom is made in dark blue, blue and white tones. Black bed and lamps creates the harmonious atmosphere in the room. Look at the size of the bed, which, by the way, is made of the finest materials.

Kitchen and dining room filled with pastel colors in the best principles of eco-design, dominated by shades of brown, white, black and dark gray. The usual “cluttering” of kitchen by household items completely absent, because eco-style doesn’t “likes” this. Kitchen and living room are lighted by many fluorescent lamps. Mirrors on the wall are made in a very interesting form – interesting decor. Flowerpots creates environmental notes, sofa in nice yellow hue will serve as a place of respite after a hearty lunch.

Dressing room is spacious: closets, drawers – everything that is needed most demanding fashionable women and dandies.

Bathroom – a composition of white and blue color that aptly emphasize furniture, which is made of natural wood. The spacious bathroom is equipped with everything needed for a “water relaxation”.

Project name: Contemporary eco-design
Project location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Project area: 73,83 m²
Designer: Mary Moskal
Design studio: “Cult of Design


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