Confidence at Your Feet

That feeling of relief and anticipation when you get the keys to your brand new home is a feeling that, although infrequent, is extremely satisfying. Despite this, it is more than likely that once you’re settled in, the first thing you will do is set out to make it your own. This can be simple changes such as decorative features, family portraits and other personal touches, all giving you that feeling that you belong where you are. On the other end of the spectrum, some may choose to completely revamp their home design with new wallpaper, paint or perhaps serious structural reworking – reconfiguring room layouts by removing walls to extend rooms and installing a partition here and there. However, before you start tearing down walls, we suggest the best place to start is with the floor.

Why Start With The Floor?

The floor is the most tactile feature in any home design, making it the most noticeable and thus having the most impact on the tone of your home. From laminate to vinyl, and solid wood to engineered wood, each have their own feel, sound and atmosphere. This means the choice of your flooring is especially important from a home improvement standpoint, where the confidence in your choice must be absolute. With so many options available, it may be hard to make a final decision. Some of you may want the unmatched charm and charisma of natural wood flooring, with its unique tone and texture – however the drawback is that natural wood flooring often requires homeowners to base their interior design around the wood floor. This may lead to a situation where you have your heart set on a white floor for your bathroom, and have to choose an alternative to wood. For some, inauthentic luxury vinyl tiles just don’t cut it, so a solution to the problem is laminate.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is the ultimate compromise when it comes to home flooring, offering all the charisma and charm of natural wood flooring, yet with so much more flexibility. Laminate flooring is composed by layers:

  1. Stabalising Layer
  2. Central High Durability Layer
  3. Photographic Wood Print
  4. Transparent Hard Service

It is the photographic wood print which allows for such incredible levels of flexibility, as it allows you create your own personal look all while delivering the quality and texture that comes with wood flooring. In the example earlier, if you were seeking a white floor to compliment your bathroom design, you could install wood laminate flooring. This creates a classy and sophisticated look for your bathroom which rivals even the finest tile and vinyl bathroom floors. Combine this with the durable design, high water tolerance and a simple snap and click installation, you will soon have your dream bathroom design.


Of course the flexibility and user friendly nature of laminate flooring means that it need not be limited to one room, especially with its high level of customisation. Looking for a striking and absorbing look for the bedroom or dining room? How about using black laminate flooring, or maybe some traditional yet equally impactful oak laminate flooring for this? Maybe instead you wish to create a country or rustic kitchen look? Again, wood laminate flooring would be perfect for this, but with much greater practicality than the real thing.

Before long your new home design will begin to take shape, with your confidence in your design choices starting right at you’re at your feet.


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