CAER House by Encasa Studio in Mampad, India

Project: CAER House
Architects: Encasa Studio
Location: Mampad, India
Area: 3,950 sf
Year: 2020
Photographs by: Turtlearts Photography

CAER House by Encasa Studio

Encasa Studio has completed the CAER House design in Mampad, India. The home is placed on a beautiful lot along the Chaliyar river giving it access to vivid green views. This single story offers just under 4,000 square feet of beautiful modern living spaces in an open layout integrated with the landscape design of the courtyard.

An abode of tranquility amidst the serene village green and the flowing blue of Chaliyar river. Revisualization of a modern day fortress; CAER with its exteriors and façade, creates a solid and bold identity.

Being a site with innate natural beauty, we tried to bring up quality spaces bursting out of the lush to retrieve the mind of the user from all the chaos around by merging the boundaries of interior and exterior. The green spaces introduced in between smoothens the rough impression created by the exposed textures.

Ascending gradually from the pavement to wide steps and then throughout the whole building we can experience a gradation of textures from the rough rubble walls to finely done concrete finishes. The introduction of both concrete and wooden flooring intermediately in the floorings, break the monotony.

A single storied house incorporating maximum human interactive spaces was the brief put forward by the client. Intimate spaces within the house is buffered by a bold concrete wall veiled by the green lush. Inner courtyards are provided within the toilets with indirect roof top ventilation which helped to maintain the aesthetics. The bold yet simple pivoted main door and the sliding door of bed rooms stand out in the whole design.

Wind and light pattern is manipulated by a stretch of trellis running along the north side (living, dining and kitchen spaces) which brings in the cool breeze and cuts down the harsh sunlight. series of both sloping and flat roofs at varied heights and the roof line vents add on to this.

Reused roofing clay tiles, inverted ceiling tiles, customized lighting and furniture add on to the raw character of the house. Usage of automotive paints in the kitchen walls instead of tiling helped to maintain the unique texture palette of CAER. The electrical conduits are hidden in between the roofing and ceiling tiles where this act as the false ceiling.

CAER is oriented along the north – south direction. The zoning of kitchen, sit out and living offer the spaces with early sun rays. The interiors are flooded with natural lighting. This minimized the use of artificial lighting.

CAER altogether blends with the context with its earthly color palette brought to life with exposed concrete, wood, rubble wall and the green lush in between.

CAER showcases its unique statement of tropical architecture style in the rural context of Nilambur evoking the feel of newness and rawness.

Encasa Studio


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