Black Box House by Pao Architects in Vilnius, Lithuania

Project: Black Box House
Architects: Pao Architects
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Year: 2017
Photographs by: Leonas Garbačiauskas

Black Box House by Pao Architects

This house has been built in the capital of Lithuania – the city of Vilnius, on the slope of the Neris River, in context of impressive surroundings.
The Black Box House is a modern project by Pao Architects for clients who had a clear vision of what their new home should look like. They approached the architects with an already developed layout of the house although they still allowed the architect to experiment with their ideas.

Black box is a unique private villa, which is built on the slope of Neris River. The house is located in a densely-built territory dominated by low-rise architecture – 1-2 storey private houses.

The land plot is perfectly oriented in terms of cardinal points.
During the project we dealt with brave clients who had clear preferences with regard to the layout of the house, but also allowed us to experiment. The clients wanted modern minimalistic architecture and light shapes.

The main entrance, all auxiliary premises, bathrooms of parents and children, a walk-in wardrobe have been planned on the north side of the house, while a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen and bedrooms are facing south-west with a view on the river. All residential rooms have exits into a covered terrace. For the finishing of the façade, we used materials chosen according to the principle of contrast, therefore, the finishing of black and natural wood highlights the minimal form and provides an excellent contrast to the texture of a concrete fence. For the interior, the concept of Scandinavian minimalism was selected, because the clients desired the interior to be light and clear.

 Pao Architects


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