Be Besotted with Black Bathroom Decor

If you are looking to give your bathroom a dream makeover, then think beyond the mundane, ordinary all- white themes. Newer colour palettes are being developed and innovatively used and their heady concoctions are creating sensational visual treats inside homes and in particular bathrooms. Leading bathroom designers are leaning towards “Black” as the new “White” and using more and more of the colour and its attractive properties to come up with some stunning themes.

Whether you wish to create uniformity or contrast, the colour comfortably satisfies both these designer urges and helps you fashion a bathroom décor like no other. We have all heard the adage “Black is Beautiful” and a black theme inside your home is a shining example of this memorable saying.

When using black as the entire base of a theme in a bathroom, it has a unique, shock value, because it is contrary to what people expect. After all, how many times have you walked into a black bathroom? Black also signifies luxury, all you need to do is get creative with your ideas and then put it all together for a blend that worthy of being in the next décor catalogue. And don’t hesitate to get that black toilet combo without hesitation; it offers a mix of elegance and functionality and is far easier to clean and maintain.


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Some of us may find “Black” overpowering on its own, the hue, however, stands out when combined with contrasting or lighter tones like White, Gold and Red. A black and white theme in the bathroom, for instance, creates a spectacular effect that will hold the onlookers speechless. The hallmark of this colour is its boldness and a Black finished bathtub may be the only piece of sanitary ware needed to finish off a plain bath area. Its elegance and charm makes it a classic centrepiece for everyone to witness and enjoy. Black is also a natural accompaniment to organic or natural themes. Use of wood, wicker baskets and wooden planters is ideal to create an environment with black backdrops.

Instantly warm up dull space with a black accessory that will add immense appeal. This hot colour and artificial or natural light make an amazing match when the theme in a bathroom is all-black. The luminosity of the lights reflects off the black surfaces and the effect may be used to carve out a bath space that is so special you wouldn’t want to be anyplace else.

If you think “black” walls seem to shrink a space, yet, there is no need to eliminate it from your bathroom refurbishment project. Make a smart use of its attractive appeal by simply having one or two items in this colour. Use this bold, modern and solid colour in the form of a black rimmed mirror or a black vanity unit with a contrasting White washbasin for elegance and charm.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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