Beijing Xingguang Yaolai Culture Media office Space by CUN Design

Project: Beijing Xingguang Yaolai Culture Media office Space
Architects: CUN Design
Location: Hongshu Cultural Industrial Park, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Area: 6,458 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: WM Studio, Si You

Beijing Xingguang Yaolai Culture Media office Space by CUN Design

Over the past couple of years, the variation of how cooperation works and lives in the office has multiplied restless. In an environment like this, CUN has received an invitation to join this new project.

The client is a media investment company, that would like to have these two buildings renovated as a workspace that can flow from multiple tasks, on top of that to eliminate the traditional elements of the workspace. These spaces include large daily office areas, dedicated CEO & CFO office and conference room, media editing and playing rooms, and last commonly used business conference rooms.

With many years of work experience, CUN believes that we are a strategy-oriented team. Use the best strategy to find a balance to solve the problem and meet the practicality of the room’s function. And as always -aesthetics as the core to construct the space-

We introduce this concept of the X-shape transportation hub, this concept helps us to strongly connect all the spaces within these two buildings. First, the function of this hub provides the spaces with a three-dimensional rail-like transportation system, and this X-shape hub creates this vertical and horizontal entanglement of the first and second stories.

Second, the unique shape of this bridge(hub) also adds a new function to buildings, that it gives people a way to move from building to building not only vertically but horizontally. The distribution of the spaces, at the first floor there is an entrance for the daily use of the employees, and the openings at the back will be used as guest entrances; other areas at the ground level will be treated as the office and conference area. One of the areas on the second floor will be designated as the CEO & CFO’s office and their own conference room for a certain situations. The rest of the spaces will be used as the media editing and playing room. With a design like this, we distinguish the space into a public and private areas.

Last but least, to feel the whole space with the combination of logic and aesthetics, we will introduce sunlight to our hub and sky bridge, making it become a place that inspires people and a playground for their imagination. On top of that, we will be dealing with the details like all the corners in the spaces, to smooth the sharp angle, and place them with a natural curve, not because of the shape, but the practicability, and function.

The nature of the office is for people, CUN captures the needs of our clients and provides the best solution for them. We are the innovators, the team always finds new means to match our clients’ wishes and always fights off the conventional ways of design. We regard the past, we focus on now. Courage and a relentless heart are born in the people who have a dream, we, CUN find these people and become their support to help them one step closer to their dream.

Our motto,

Our design will not be slaved by past experience,

Our aesthetics will not become a follower,

Our path to who we are, stop we shall not.

-Project description by ZZ Media


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