Bed Size – The Difference Between Couple, Queen and King

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Bed Size: The Importance of Knowing How to Choose

The size of the bed does not only influence the comfort at bedtime. It is important to ensure functionality and mobility within the room, as there are significant differences in size between one bed and another. As a rule, a free space for the circulation of at least 60 centimeters is recommended between the bed and the wall or the bed and other furniture in the room.

The physical biotype of who will use the bed must also be taken into account. That’s because tall people over six feet tall may have difficulty sleeping in a single or double bed.  Another detail that makes a difference when choosing a bed is the types of sheets, bed covers, and other accessories used to make the bed daily. This is because a sheet for a double bed, for example, is always much cheaper than the same sheet for a king bed. Therefore, it is good to be aware of this detail as well.

See the main differences, advantages, and disadvantages of the beds.

Double Bed Size

The standard size of a double bed is 1.38m wide by 1.88m long. That is, the length is the same as the single bed, what changes is only the width. But for the sake of comparison, it is curious to note that the space for each person in a standard double bed is 69 centimeters, almost ten less than the total space of a single bed.

The standard double bed is suitable for couples, but can also be used by single people who like extra space at bedtime.


Queen Size Bed

The queen bed has an intermediate size between the standard double bed and the king-size bed. The size of the queen bed is 1.58m wide by 1.98m long. That is, it is larger than the double bed both in width and in length.

The space for each person in a queen bed is 79 centimeters, ten centimeters more than the space per person in a standard double bed. But, interestingly, at the same time, it has practically the same space as a single bed that is 78 centimeters. The biggest advantage of the queen bed is that it can make a good midfield between the standard bed and the king bed, as it is recommended for people of larger stature. 


King Size Bed

Finally, your last option for a double bed is the king’s model. The king bed is the largest of all models and measures 1.93m wide by 2.03m long. The space per person in a king bed is 96.5 cm, perfect for those who like to spread out on the mattress. And speaking of a mattress, the king bed also has higher mattresses. In general, the height of a king mattress is 40 centimeters, while the other beds have mattresses of a maximum height of 30 centimeters.

Therefore, to have a king bed you will need cash on hand and a spacious room. It is also worth remembering that king bedding is expensive and not always easy to find. Think about that too.

However, the king bed is the one that offers the best finish and structure on the market, since they are considered luxury models.



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