Queen vs. King vs. Double – All You Need To Know About These Bed Sizes

When it comes to the sizes of beds on the US market, there are different types including single, twin, full, double, king, queen, Eastern King, Western King, and the California King. However, the most common sizes are the double, King and Queen. We will be discussing these bed sizes in this article.

It is always important to choose the right bed size for you. This way, you will enjoy your sleep without any uncomfortable experiences. So, what is the difference between the double, Queen, and King size beds? Let’s find that out:

The Dimensions

The first major (and noticeable) difference between these beds is the dimensions. The size is what will determine if you will be picking the bed or not. You have to consider how the bed is going to be used and who is going to use it in particular. How big is the user? Will two people be sleeping on the bed? Specifically, will the bed be used for couples or not? All these are factors that you must keep in mind whenever you are out there looking for the bed size.

That being said, here is a look at the dimensions of the three common beds;

  • Double and full beds are considered the same thing, and they are narrower than the King and Queen. The dimension of a double bed is 54 x 75 inches. These are also the same dimensions as a full bed.
  • Queen beds measure 60 x 80 inches. This makes them 6 inches wider than a double bed. Two people can comfortably sleep on the queen size and enough some room for each.
  • King Size. The King Sized Beds measure 76 x 80 inches. This implies that they are 16 inches wider than the queen size bed, but they have the same height.

Out of the three, the double bed is the smaller one. Therefore, it is best used by one person for comfort’s sake.

Sleeping Freedom

The sleeping freedom, in this case, implies to the room available on each bed for two people to sleep. Let’s explore each bed type.

  • The Double Bed

Today, most homes and hotels use double beds for a single person. They are also used by two small children, a slim teenager or a senior. Suppose two people share the bed, each person will have just 27 inches of personal space, which is not big enough. That is why most homes/hotels don’t use double beds for two people.

But you should know something about these beds. Back in the 1800s to around 1950, double beds were used for couples of the low-class families. However, things changed in the 1960s when couples chose to sleep together on queen sized beds. Besides leaving just 27 inches of sleep space for each two adults, a double bed might be too short for some tall adults.

  • Queen Sized Bed

Queen beds are widespread among couples, and they are the second most popular bed size used in America after King sized beds. With these beds, two adults can enjoy 30 inches of sleep space, which is roomy enough. Plus, the 80inch length will cover even tall adults without any problem.

Most homes put a queen bed in a guest room or a small master bedroom. This would be the best choice for couples that enjoy snuggling when sleeping. Nonetheless, it might be a little too narrow for normal sleeping for a couple, especially if the couple doesn’t snuggle a lot.

  • King Size

The master of beds, Mr. King Size himself is the best all around. It is wider, taller, and offers more personal space.

Two adults sleeping on a King size bed will get 38 inches of personal space each. This is the same sleeping space as when one person is sleeping in a twin bed. In other words, a King size bed is like two twin beds put together. Normally, a King size bed will be sold with two box springs or frames, along with one mattress. This way, it can be moved with ease. Nevertheless, it might be too heavy for a single person to move it due to its size.

By the way, you can buy beds online, where you will enjoy free delivery to save the hassle of moving them around. A good seller will also help you set up the mattress in your bedroom.


In terms of the variations, most of the beds come in different categories.

  • Double

Generally, double beds come in one size, and they are only comparable to the full bed. Both these two beds have the same size, which is why they will have interchangeable names. All in all, double beds come in one type.

  • Queen Size

The Queen beds come in different categories. There is the standard queen, California Queen, and Olympic Queen. The California Queen bed measures 60 by 84 inches, which makes it the same width as the standard Queen bed, but longer by 4 inches. On the other hand, the Olympic Queen bed is 66 x 80 inches. This means that it is wider than the standard Queen bed by 6 inches but with the same length.

So, if you need a bed with more space for a couple, the Olympic Queen size would be the right pick. But if you are tall and you need a bed that fits perfectly, you should go for the California Size.

  • King Size

King Size beds also come in varieties. They include the Standard and the California King Size bed. The Standard King Size bed is also called the Eastern King Bed, so they have the same dimensions.

The other type of King Size bed is the California King, which is also known as Western King Bed. This bed measures 72 x 84 inches, which is narrower than the Standard King bed by 2 inches, but taller by 4 inches.

The California Bed is generally the perfect choice for tall people because it is the longest bed in the market. The major problem with all the King Size beds is that they are large and cumbersome to move. Plus, the mattresses may not fit in the stairway as you carry it upstairs.

Once you get your ideal bed size, make sure that you choose the beddings wisely. It is always good to find a good retailer for you to buy a good quality bed that would last for many years.


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