American Cuisine: Models and Inspiring Photos

The national preference goes by the name of American cuisineDespite the reference to a gringo style, American cuisine fell in the popular taste of Brazilians and nowadays it is practically unanimous here.

So much so that 85% of people looking for real estate to buy prefer this type of kitchen, according to data from Construtora Living.

The American kitchen, for those who do not understand the concept very well, is a type of kitchen integrated with other environments in the house, usually the living room or the dining room. In this kitchen model, there are no doors or walls. Everything is part of the same space.

Another very striking feature of American kitchens is the counter (or countertop). This is what everything happens about: meals, food preparation, and even kitchen decor.

And what is all this good about? You will find out in the next lines of this post, keep following.

Advantages of American Cuisine

In the past, it was common for kitchens to be restricted, closed and isolated. But as time went by and the needs of modern life, this concept fell into disuse and, along with modern architecture, integrated kitchens also emerged. 

This type of cuisine has very interesting advantages and you will know each one below, check it out:


One of the biggest advantages of American cuisine is the feeling of spaciousness that it offers. As it does not have walls, this type of kitchen provides larger, airy and visually larger rooms. And this is perfect for small houses and apartments.


American cuisine is the queen of social integration and interaction. Never again will you need to cook or prepare food alone, without interacting with the guests. The American kitchen allows you to cook in the middle of a relaxed chat. 


American cuisine is practical and functional, perfect for those who have a busy and busy life. This is because it allows quick meals on the counter, in addition to the ease of preparing food with everything well at hand.

American Kitchen Models 

Fully Integrated Kitchen

The fully integrated American kitchen is one that has no physical or visual blockages or limitations. The kitchen and living room are completely united and share the same space, making them ideal for small houses and apartments. However, this type of kitchen has less storage space and, therefore, good planning will be necessary for you to be able to store everything you need with just one wall.

Partially Integrated Kitchenette

The partially integrated American kitchen is the most famous and well-known version that brings a counter or countertop between the environments. The advantage of this kitchen is that it visually delimits and marks each of the spaces, in addition to offering a space for meals and even for placing a cupboard. Very suitable for those who use the kitchen daily and need to save and store a greater amount of groceries and utensils.

The American kitchen can be partially integrated with furniture. In this case, sideboards, buffets, and even the living room sofa can serve as space markers.

American Kitchen with Island

American cuisine with an island is the dream of many people. Stylish and super modern, this type of kitchen features a central countertop, known as an island, which can be used to arrange the cooktop, sink and also serve as a cupboard and offer niches and shelves. There is only one problem: to have this type of kitchen you will need to have at least 9 square meters. Less than that, the kitchen loses space and functionality.

Planned American Kitchen

Another popular kitchen model is the planned one. In this type of kitchen, it is the custom-made furniture that perfectly fits the measures of the space. Another advantage of planned kitchens is that they can count on unique and exclusive projects, in addition to multi-purpose and super functional furniture.

American Kitchen with Counter or Countertop

The American kitchen with counter or counter is also known as partially integrated. This model can receive the masonry counter with a wooden or stone top, according to the project. In such cases, high stools are generally used to monitor the height of the counter. For those who are thinking of integrating the kitchen with the dining room, you can use the counter to join the table.

Here are 7 pictures of American cuisine to help you create your own project:


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