10 Amazing Designs of Brown Kitchens with Earthy Tones for Your Home

Despite the strong trend toward light color shades such as white, gray and fendi, some prefer darker or more vibrant colors. Brown is a great color choice for use on floors, coatings, paint or cabinets. When choosing darker shades, it is important to be careful not to leave the environment overloaded or heavy. It is therefore recommended to combine brown with other lighter shades such as white or a vibrant orange. Therefore, composing with a mix of colors is essential, whether with earthy tones or decorative objects of varying colors that can give the environment another face.

How about using the brown color in your kitchenGet inspired by this list of brown-tinted environments for different applications – on cabinets, floors, wall tiles, counter-tops, and furniture!


Slatted wood brings all the charm to the woodwork. Try placing them on common cabinet doors, partitions, or doors.


Highlight to the wine holder came to complement the decor and even organize the beverage space.


Fendi in decoration is a very strong trend! The mix of this color with brown leaves the environment neutral and modern. It is a sure bet for anyone who is setting up a family residence.


For those who want to give up the mirror, you can bet on this other technique to enlarge the environment. Bronze glasses are welcome in the kitchens. In addition to bringing elegance, it fits very well with woody tones.


You can color the house with the earthy palette. If you want to draw attention to some decor detail, combine the shades of brown with a vibrant palette that carries red, orange and yellow.








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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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