All House by Gui Mattos on Itamambuca Beach in Brazil

Project: All House
Architects: Gui Mattos
Location: Itamambuca Beach, Ubatuba, Brazil
Area: 6,727 sf
Photographs by: Carolina Lacaz

All House by Gui Mattos on Itamambuca Beach

Sao Paulo based studio Gui Mattos have completed a luxurious contemporary home called the All House on the Itamambuca Beach, overwatching the Atlantic Ocean in the Ubatuba municipality in Brazil. This home features a unique inverted pyramid ceiling inside and a whole lot of open spaces, including many passages to the outdoor areas. This provides it direct access to the lush forest that surrounds it as well as plenty of fresh air to flow inside.

This house, placed at Itamambuca beach, has its starting point on the context and the program. Close to the seashore and surrounded by a dense and rich rainforest vegetation, the site pointed towards a simple conceptual insight. The clients, in addition, brought a sense to occupy the space in the most integrated way.

The project defines itself aligning two different inputs that arose from these desires. First, a racional square shaped concrete slab that defines with clarity a floor to lean on and a roof to protect.

The ground floor lifts slightly from the natural terrain and presents itself as step up towards the common space or eventually a bench to enjoy nature. The upper slab combines structural techniques with the fluidity of the space created in between and the intent of bringing in the natural insolation, ventilation and the rainforest environment.

Gui Mattos


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