Advantages Of Having A Wooden Entrance Door

Simple, modern, classic, and even colorful. The wooden entryway can be all that and a little more. It’s no wonder. This type of door is a favorite for entry into homes for several reasons.

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What are the advantages of the wooden entrance door

Strength and Durability

Wood is one of the most resistant and durable materials that exist, provided that proper care is taken.

That’s why it ends up being widely used as a raw material for entrance doors since the material is capable of withstanding different climatic variations (sun, rain, wind, and even salty air) and is very resistant to impacts.


The wooden door has been used for centuries in homes around the world, making it timeless, that is, it is not a fad item or conditioned to specific styles of architecture.

In this sense, the wooden entrance door can be used in houses of the most varied aesthetic standards, meeting all types of needs.


Versatility is also with her. The wooden door can have very different heights and widths, as well as different opening shapes.Β The wooden entrance door still differs in aesthetics, assuming characteristics that range from rustic to modern.

Alone or with other materials

Another great advantage of the wooden entrance door is that it can be manufactured together with other materials, which makes it even more functional and aesthetically versatile.

Together with the glass, for example, the wooden door allows light to pass through to the interior of the rooms. With iron or metal, the wooden door gains personality and can be used in creative projects


This is one of the most cost-effective types of door. Not to mention that there are models of wooden doors for different types of pockets. Those who want to save, for example, can opt for a simple wooden door model, but if the intention is to invest a little more, you can risk a wooden pivoting door model.

Care and maintenance of the wooden entrance door

For the wooden entrance door to always remain beautiful and resistant, it is important to offer some care.

The main one is the application of varnish, ensuring the protection of the wood against the sun and rain. It is also important to apply an insecticide that protects the wood against termites and other insects.Β  In addition, the usual cleaning of the door should only be done with a slightly damp cloth. Never wash the door with a jet of hose, even if it is protected.

How about now getting inspired by the following projects of houses with wooden entrance doors? Look that!











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