Brilliant Entrance Door Models You Will Want Now for Your Home

The entrance door is considered the residence’s business card, as it is the main door and it is the one that represents the style of the house. In addition to its basic function of bringing security, we can work on the facade and demarcate the main access. With that, all care and attention are essential when choosing.

Inside the residence, the other doors have important functions, such as: separating rooms, allowing natural light to enter, and helping to decorate the rooms.

When choosing a traditional door, it is possible to add other elements to make it more imposing. For this, invest in a noble material, a different design, large dimensions, and handles that stand out. This will depend on each style and also on the personality and taste of the residents.

Types of external doors and doorways

The entrance door is the one that draws the most attention in a residence, where residents and all visitors will pass. Therefore, it must be well thought out to suit and combine harmoniously with the colors, materials, and architecture of the facade. Below are the main types of entry doors:

1. Wooden Door

Wooden doors are the most used for the entrance of residences. Wood has a high aesthetic value: available in several types, it can be worked and designed for different façade proposals. An important tip is to choose solid wood, which has good durability and resistance to the outside environment.

Over time, wooden doors require maintenance. Without proper care, moisture and termites can damage the material and damage the door. Check the condition of the varnish and the painting of the door, if applicable.

A smart solution to extend the life of the wooden door is to have a small cover at the entrance of the residence to protect the material from external conditions.

2. Aluminum or Metal Door

The aluminum door has some advantages over other materials, one of which is durability: aluminum does not rust and will not deteriorate easily. Another important factor is that aluminum is light: a door with this material tends not to overload and wear out the structure of the residence.

The last element is the aesthetic: the aluminum doors have elegant visual characteristics, they can have a bright color like white and also matte colors, characteristics that are difficult to reproduce with wood, for example. Some of them, as in the example, can be combined with glass. There are also iron doors, which are more susceptible to rust and are little resistant to water exposure.

3. Glassdoor

Glass doors for entry are used in specific cases, mainly in corporate offices and commercial buildings. The use in homes is still limited, but it can be a good option for those who want to dare to use the material. You can also use a film or choose a glass with a more matte feature to not leave the interior of the residence transparent to the outside. Many models are combined with wood or aluminum as a frame.

4. Traditional Leaf Door

The single-leaf door is one of the most common and traditional models sold on the market. They can be easily found in indoor stores and building supply stores. For this reason, they usually have standardized measures to suit most constructions.

The disadvantage of this model is merely aesthetic and visual – as they are popular, their finish may be simpler. However, its cost is much lower and installation is practical and easy, without the need for professionals specialized indoors.

Even with a simple model, we can use creativity and with the help of a decorator or architect, it is possible to add friezes, finishes, accessories, and other items to the door.

5. Two-leaf Door

The double-leaf door gives a wider passage to the entrance to the residence. This configuration is useful when moving when we want to move with large furniture and appliances, in addition to assisting wheelchair users. It is a more elegant and imposing solution to have in a lobby.

However, this solution is ideal for homes, where there is generally more space to work. The current apartments already have the right measures and in most cases work with single leaf doors.

6. Pivoting Door

There are several models available in the architecture market, but currently, the pivoting door has stood out, as they are modern, elegant, and imposing. One of its characteristics of this model is that it rotates around a vertical axis. Ideal for those with large spans, both in width and height. They are generally used in social entrances to homes.

Because they are large and heavy, their material needs to be robust, as well as its support axis. These are tailor-made projects that certainly have a high cost.

A disadvantage of this model is the sealing: it may not be complete as they need space between the floor and the walls just to be able to rotate. In this case, the blocking of sound and dust is not the same as that of an ordinary door.



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