A Wall Bedside Tables & What Design to Choose

The bedside table is often considered an essential element in the bedroom. This time, we wanted to focus on a very specific type of night tables: those that hang on the wall. So we will see where to find these hanging bedside tables but also how to choose them or why they prefer this type of model rather than a more classic table with legs.


There is not a single model of the nightstand to hang on the mirror, you could see it with the shopping selection just before. The most common models are:

  • A practical drawer block to hide what does not have to be seen in everyday life. Do not hesitate to put a lamp on it to break the block effect next to the bed.
  • A shelf
    This is a solution which can be interesting in terms of price because generally the small wall shelves cost less than the bedside table. However, there is no storage that allows you to hide what is unsightly. It is also a fairly minimalist solution.
  • A niche as a bedside table
    Between the blog to hang and the shelf, we can think of the niche. It is more decorative than a simple shelf, however, there too, it is impossible to hide the phone charger or the pill pack.


What Materials? 

If possible the same materials that are already present in your room. If your headboard is made of wood, for example, the bedside table can be coordinated. If you have metal legs for your dresser, they can also be found as components of the bedside table.
What size for the hanging bedside table? Generally, suspended models are less deep than conventional models and therefore they are less bulky. As with classic bedside tables, the size of this small accent piece should match your needs. If you only need a bedside table to put down a lamp or if it is used every day to put down and store a lot of little things, the size will be different. As it is hung on the wall, you must ensure that the assembly (the furniture and your belongings) is not too heavy and use the appropriate dowels according to the composition of your support wall. (If you have a plasterboard wall, this means that you will have to choose molly dowels for example).


There are different reasons that can lead you to choose a hanging bedside table. We can think, for example, not to clutter up with unnecessary feet. It’s practical because it saves us space and it helps create a more refined decor effect. Even if it is very interesting in the context of a small room, it is just as interesting in a room of “normal” size. The wall bedside table can be interesting when you want to adjust the height of the bedside table according to your needs. If your bed is higher than the average for example, the classic bedside tables will not necessarily meet your needs. Check for some useful bedside table styling tips that could help your room get even prettier. 


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